A Better Way Therapy is a licensed distributor for BrainTap. BrainTap is a headset using a special headphone and visor that uses light and sound to affect the brain through entrainment. It can be used to address various issues, including PTSD, stress reduction, sleep deprivation, and more.

Our three offices, two in Omaha, NE and one in South Sioux City, NE, offer BrainTap sessions and products, to help our patients achieve a better quality of life. It helps improve brain function, can stimulate creativity, promote feelings of relaxation, and encourage a positive mindset.

BrainTap Therapy NE

BrainTap Series include:

• Abuse: Healing meditations for child abuse survivors
• Addiction: Freedom from Addiction series
• Alcohol
• Autism: Children’s Opportunity for Brilliance series
• Cancer: Coping with Cancer & Saying No to Cancer series
• Children’s Series
• Optimizing Your Child’s Inner Potential
• Enlightened Children
• Consciousness – Children

• Diabetes
• Grief
• Heart Health
• Meditation: Nine various series
• Menopause: Mind over Menopause series
• Pain: Knee Pain Relief Series, Pain-Free Lifestyle
• PTSD: PTSD series & BrainTap Breakthrough for Military PTSD
• Sleep: Learn the benefits of healthy sleeping

• Smoking Cessation
• Sports
• BrainTap your way to the top of your sport
• Mental coaching for Golf
• Mental Edge Golf
• SportZone Series
• Wealth (various series)
• Weight Loss: many series, including The Habits of Naturally Thin People

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For more information on BrainTap and how it can help you achieve a higher quality of life, call our Omaha offices today at 402-813-2235 or our South Sioux City office at 712-253-3925.