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We offer both in-home therapy as well as in-office therapy and the following services:

Individual Therapy – One on one therapy to address goals

Family Therapy – Working with the family at one time can be very effective with certain issues

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) – (Both South Sioux City office and Omaha area)

General Psychological Evaluations – Our Psychologist does a great job with general psychological evaluations for clients that are seen by our therapists.

Marriage Counseling – Because every couple has issues to address and need to learn skills to have better relationships.

Anger Management – We help people to learn how to manage anger in individual sessions.

Depression – Studies have shown that therapy alone or combined with medication is the most effective way to deal with depression

Anxiety – Our therapist can teach you skills to reduce anxiety

Alcohol & Drug Counseling – We offer both individual and group therapy (omaha) for those with drug and alcohol issues.

Alcohol and drug group therapy – (Omaha) Group meets on Wednesday nights from 6pm to 7pm. Learn from your group leader and other group members. This is a small group for adults that come on their own or that choose us for their court ordered therapy.

Chemical Dependency Evaluations – (Greater area of Omaha) We do drug evaluations that are court ordered or for anyone wanting to look at their situation to see if they have a problem.

ADHD & ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder with or without hyperactivity)  – We can teach clients and parents skills to address this disorder

Victim abuse & other trauma – We have therapists that can help victims through traumatic events

Grief – Sometimes we need help to get through the grieving process

Truancy – Getting kids to school and/or keeping them there can be problematic

ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) – This disorder makes the client defiant to others and counseling helps

Parent Counseling – Many parents need help dealing with issues that their children have and therapy helps

Play Therapy – Trained professionals can address issues using this technique with the very young clients.

Drug or alcohol education – Education done individually 

Adjustment issues/ Life changes – Many of our clients are adjusting to situations that they don’t want to. This can be diseases like Diabetes or moving from foster home to foster home

Other – Chances are we have a therapist to meet your needs. Why not give us a try?